I’m Carole, The Cat Woman – your trusted cat sitter in North Berwick. If you need to go away on a business trip, are taking a holiday to rest and recharge, or are off to see family, you’ll need someone to check in on your furry feline friend while you’re away. We all know the mischief that cats can get up to when unsupervised and they can also get lonely too. Take that trip with the peace of mind that they’ll be looked after in the comfort of your (and their) own home, receiving regular strokes and scratches, while being well-fed and pampered, if that’s something they enjoy! If you need reliable cat sitting in North Berwick, look no further than The Cat Woman!




I’ve been around cats most of my life and can’t imagine a home without one – or two! I pestered my parents for my first kitty – Puss, a retired factory cat – and have had feline friends by my side ever since. My latest pair are Pippin and Squeak, brother and sister rescue kittens who have grown into such beautiful cats (well I would say that, wouldn’t I?). Take a look at them showing off in the gallery on my Home Page!




The inspiration to set up The Cat Woman came after we moved to North Berwick, from Birmingham, in 2021. I’d previously worked as a regional journalist and, more recently, in communications for the NHS. With my partner Rad, I decided to relocate to this beautiful part of the world where we’d spent many glorious holidays and made some good friends. We’re loving it here!

Although North Berwick seems to be a dog-dominated town, if the number of feline visitors to our garden is anything to go by, then there’s got to be a fair few cat lovers out there who would love the reassurance of a fellow ailurophile (yes, there’s a word for us!) looking after their precious pet.

My reliable cat sitting service in North Berwick is both for them and for you!  

I aim to be not just a cat feeder but so much more than that. I’ll build up a great relationship with the gorgeous kitties in my care, so they really get to trust me. I’ll treat them like they are my own and make sure you know how well they’re doing, so you can enjoy a stress-free break.

I can’t wait to meet your lovely kitty and get to know their personality and mannerisms!


Cat Sitter in North Berwick and Scotland dark grey cat being stroked on floor close up of big yellow / amber eyes

Cat Sitter in North Berwick and Scotland grey tabby cat with big green eyes being cuddles by ginger haired woman in cream woolly jumper