Very, apparently. Just did a quick search on Google after Pippin brought one home yesterday… eek! I was just on my way out when something small and brown ran under the gate – with Pip in hot pursuit. Managed to grab the hunter and lock him inside, then round up Squeak who was in on the act. Bunny by this time was hiding in the bushes so I headed on out, hoping it would find its own way home now the coast was clear.

Returned home four hours later and the rabbit was still in the garden! Couldn’t see a mark on it and it moved OK when I tried to check it over… just kept a beady eye on me but didn’t hop too far. I quickly found a box and persuaded the poor little thing to get inside. Then took it round to the field and released it back home, I hope. Fingers crossed it made its way back to where it belongs. No doubt we’ll have more Easter bunny treats to deal with now Pip’s set the bar.