It seems they are – but only when ingested. I asked the question because my two tigers, Pippin and Squeak, have been enjoying the spring sunshine and inspecting all the new blooms coming through. It begs the question: why would they sniff flowers if they are allergic to them? They’re normally pretty good at steering clear of anything that could do them harm: hot surfaces (we have a log burner), sharp, spiky or sticky stuff - and the seagulls when we first moved here!

So, when the crocuses came through and they started watching the bees up close (that’s another thing, do cats get stung?), I thought I’d better check for any risks. According to what I’ve read online, the spring crocus can cause gastrointestinal issues including vomiting and diarrhoea, if ingested.

Beware: the autumn crocus is also poisonous to cats. And a whole host of other garden plants.

Cats Protection has a great guide that tells you what’s dangerous, what’s not so bad, and what’s OK for cats in the garden. Check it out here:

Problem is, the more you read, the more you worry! I guess the best thing is to trust their judgement, be aware of signs they’ve ingested something they shouldn’t have - and act fast to get them to the vet if they show any symptoms.

Stay safe and enjoy this beautiful spring sunshine: what a treat!