I’m The Cat Woman, your local trusted cat sitter based in North Berwick. I specialise in taking care of your beloved kitties while you’re away on your holidays, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that they are safe, fed and pampered in your absence. I offer my cat sitting services in North Berwick, serving anywhere within a 5-mile radius of the town, at standard charges. If your cat doesn’t play well with others, or has medication that they need every day, then a cattery might not be the place for them. I have over 40 years of experience in feline care and the personal touch that I bring will be perfect for your cat.




  The Basics

I’ll make sure your beloved pet is fed and watered, as per your instructions (including treats, if allowed!). I will also ensure that all waste is disposed of externally.

  Playtime & Cuddles

I come fully equipped with kitty toys and games, to ensure your puss is kept fully entertained.  I’ll play with them and make sure they get lots of attention, while you’re away, to ensure they are active and happy.


As part of my cat sitting services in North Berwick, I’m happy to give basic medication such as pills, tablets or liquids.



Some kitties love nothing more than a good brush and I’m only too happy to oblige! I will not only make sure they have a well-brushed coat, to keep control of shedding, but will also keep their eyes nice and clean.


I know from experience how much you will miss your kitty while you are away. I’ll send you daily updates with photos and videos to show you what a great time they are having at home! You will be able to see for yourself how well they are doing.

  Peace of Mind

It’s not just your cat I’ll take care of; I’ll also look after your home. If required, I will gladly put bins out, bring in any post or parcels, draw your curtains, water your plants and generally keep an eye on things for you while you are away. I don’t use a car with a logo or have branding on clothes, for security reasons.






Daily charges:

One Visit


Two Visits








  • Prices shown apply for up to 2 cats. Each cat thereafter will incur an additional charge of £2 per visit.
  • An additional charge of £5 is payable for key pick-ups and returns.
  • Watering garden plants: £5 (house plants free)
  • The care of your cat is my number one concern and as such it is my policy that I cannot offer anything less than one visit per day.
  • The standard charges apply within a 5-mile radius of my base location (EH39 5GY); a supplementary charge may be added for visits outside of this area to cover additional costs.
  • An additional £5 (per visit) is payable for visits that take place on Bank Holidays, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This increases to £8 for visits on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


Cat Sitter in North Berwick and Scotland close up of green eyed cat laying on a wooden floor